YASCer Brian Orlay Arrives in Tanzania!

Young Adult Service Corps volunteer Brian Orlay (Diocese of New York) has landed in Africa! Brian will serve as the Program and Project Coordinator for The Carpenter’s Kids Program in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika in the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

Keep up with Brian at http://brianorlay.wordpress.com/.


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One Response to YASCer Brian Orlay Arrives in Tanzania!

  1. Brian, Nice Job… I wonder if you might give a little color about the local people you are meeting and the daily environment… let us know what you see on your walk to work.. what the market is like and what is sold and at what prices.. what the cost of clothing is for people.. how much they have… what is the water situtation .. can you drink it.. is there a central source.. talk a little bit about the local housing issues … what about medical clinics… also the religious faith situation its distribution and the position of the Episcopal Church… are you going to Church? in what language is it conducted.. what is the length of their services what music is sung or played… what are the insturments… talk about the communion service and the differences from here. Thanks Uncle David

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